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Lunch Ladies Head To Quebec City Film Fest To Pedal Fresh Tourtière And Bastardize French Language

Quebec Film Festival

Just in! The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are a selection of the Quebec City Film Festival where they will pedal fresh Tourtière and bastardize the French language.

Tourtière is a traditional meat pie dish originating from Quebec. Apparently, the filling is culled from what is regionally available making it a perfect vehicle for the Lunch Ladies:

Said, Seretta, chopping up some fresh meat that is regionally available from Melvin High's blood-spattered walk-in freezer: "Bonjour, mi amigos in Quebec. We are excited to attend the festival as we love crafting fine Tourtière and speaking fluent French. Oui, oui, la, la, si, si."

LouAnne, chopping up a sh*tload of fresh nutmeg to disguise, er, season the regionally available fresh meat, seconded that: "Merci, Quebec for selecting us. You gave us the opportunity to not only pedal our favorite dish - Tourtière - but to show off our French skillz. Grazie!"

The 8th Annual Quebec City Film Fest programs films from all over the world, attracting an audience of more than 25,000 festival visitors every year. This year they've attracted the Lunch Ladies who will follow their sales rep Ouat Media around bugging them about sales. Ouat Media is planning to attend incognito and hopes to ditch them.

Lunch Ladies screens in the Courts Grinçants Block on Sunday, September 16 at 1pm at the Conservatoire d'Art dramatique - Théâtre and on Saturday, September 22 at 10am MNBAQ - Auditorium Sandra et Alain Bouchard. Buy Tickets HERE!

Quebec City Film Festival


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