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Lunch Ladies Head To Réunion Island In Indian Ocean for Soirée Du Court Film Fest - Volcano Erupts

Reunion Island

The dark web has confirmed that a volcano has erupted in fury on Réunion Island after the discovery that the Lunch Ladies will be screening there at the Soirée Du Court Film Fest.

The island (which is a region of France) is east of Madagascar, in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is so far that smug inhabitants thought they were safe from the Lunch Ladies.

Both Seretta and LouAnne have gone on record to say "Their hubris is laughable."

After Réunion citizens discovered that they would be visited by the Lunch Ladies, their main attraction and one of the most active volcanoes in the world - Piton de la Fournaise - spewed molten lava, liquid magma (a great SAT word) and ash hoping to scare them away.

No dice.

Said Seretta, trying on some waders she stole off a sanitation barge floating in the contaminated backwaters of Melvin High: "Everyone knows how much we love France, so to infiltrate their outlying regions is killer. I can't wait to wade through that bad boy's lava in these babies!"

LouAnne, dusting off a pair of meat butchering goggles she plans to wear when exploring the heat pockets of the volcano, added: "Sure, it's a little hot down there, but it's the ash flying into your eyes you have to worry about. Thanks Soirée du Court for not only the selection to screen at your fest, but for this amazing opportunity to go spelunking in your biggest tourist attraction!

Soirée du Court runs October 1-12. The Lunch Ladies play the 12th night of the fest, Friday, October 12 at 7pm! Details HERE!

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