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Film Coterie Gifts Lunch Ladies Swag Bags At Nightmares Film Fest - Include Creepy Teddy Bear

Creepy Teddybear

Last year, the Lunch Ladies screened at  Nightmares Film Fest where they won their very first award - Best Horror Comedy.   It's hard to believe a full year has gone by, but yes, those crazy b*tches have been annoying people for over a year.

This year, The Film Coterie - sick and twisted critics who love the Lunch Ladies - decided for old times, to send the ladies one of their special late night survival swag bags that they gift to lucky Nightmares filmmakers each year. 

Seretta and LouAnne received the package at their modest rambler home after coming back from crashing Filmets Festival in Badalona.  Inside the box, they found a delightful barf bag filled with a bunch of awesome sh*t they can't live without, including a Fortune Teller Miracle Fish and the ability to Grow A Boyfriend by simply adding water! 

Film Coterie

But, the true winner was Robert the creepy teddybear - complete with adoption papers and a coroner's label tied around its lumpy paw:     

Said Seretta, combing Robert's sporadic fur in an effort to make him more presentable: "Sure, he plays music from his broken wind-up mechanism for no apparent reason, has an eye falling out, and is possessed by a malevolent spirit, but no one is perfect."

LouAnne, clearing a space on their dresser between all The Depper 8x10s agreed: "Thanks Film Coterie for Robert, he's adorable.  May he haunt us forever and long live Nightmares!"

*The Lunch Ladies screened at Nightmares Fest last year where The Film Coterie did a recap podcast giving them some love.  A few months later, The Coterie arranged for the Lunch Ladies to screen at MARCON simply because they're gluttons for punishment.  

The Film Coterie Lunch Ladies

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