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Lunch Ladies Head To Germany For 20minmax International Short Film Fest - Will Drink Lots Of Lager

20minmax international short film fest

The Lunch Ladies are bouncing off the walls with excitement after getting the news that they will finally have their German Premiere in Ingolstadt, Bavaria at the 20minmax International Short Film Fest.

Huge fans of beer (they were weaned on Colt 45 as babies), they are making extensive plans to drink "lots of lager" and toast with real German phrases like "Prost!" (Cheers!) and "Wo früher meine leber war, ist heute eine minibar" (There is now a minibar where my liver once was).

Said Seretta, burping after her sixth Colt 45: "For the next few weeks we'll be upping our Colt 45 intake to prep our liver for the heavy duty lager we'll be downing in Bavaria. The last thing we want is to be unable to keep up with real Germans at the fest. Prost!"

LouAnne, practicing slamming down her stein on the table, admonished: "No, Rett. The last thing we want to do at 20minmax Film Fest is show up and drink lager like sloppy Americans. Slamming the stein down with abandon like a real German is tantamount! Thanks 20minmax for the selection!"

The Lunch Ladies screen at 20minmax International Short Film Fest in Ingolstadt, Germany on Saturday, April 21st at 8PM for Weird Films Night and Wednesday April 25 at 8pm in the 20minmax Award Competition.

Buy Tickets for Weird Film Night HERE!

Buy Tickets for the 20minmax Award Competition HERE!

20minmax International Short Film Fest

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