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Lunch Ladies Head To Stuff MX Film Fest in Mexico City After Threatening To Open Burrito Stand

StuffMX Film Fest

Breaking news! The Lunch Ladies are are an official selection of Stuff MX Film Festival in Mexico City after they threatened to open a "special" burrito stand outside fest headquarters.

Apparently, the women have been to Mexico five times before - Mórbido Fest, 24 Risas Por Segundo, FERATUM Fantastic Film Festival, (all in Mexico City) a fourth time for KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes in Puebla and a fifth for Post Mortem Fest in Aguascalientes. When Stuff MX programmers refused to be the sixth Mexican Fest duped into screening the Lunch Ladies, the women took action.

Said Seretta, downing a still wriggling worm from some cheap a*s tequila she celebrating with: "We love Mexico, so we had to get in that fest. Unfortunately we've used all kinds of tactics on the Mexicans, so they're on to us. A burrito stand was our only option."

LouAnne, sucking on a rotted lime she found under their kitchen sink in prep for chugging that cheap a*s tequila, explained: "We wanted to send a firm yet subtle warning - program us Stuff MX or you will end up as... stuff... in our burritos. Thanks Stuff MX for the selection!"

Stuff MX Festival is in its third year and calls itself "the weirdest film fest in Mexico." Seems like the Lunch Ladies would fit right in, but hey, a little burrito goes a long way. The fest runs from November 8-18th. Details to follow!

Stuff MX Festival

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