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Uruguay! Lunch Ladies Fly South For The Winter For Montevideo Fantástico Fest - Say "F-You, Cold"

The Lunch Ladies are almost done with their film festival run but continue to create problems. This time they have wormed their way into the Montevideo Fantástico Festival as a big Lunch Lady "F-you" to cold weather.

Montevideo takes place in the small but mighty country of Uruguay which enjoys average winter temperatures of 75 degrees (bonus extra credit for anyone who emails us and tells us backwards Americans wtf that is in celsius).

Said Seretta, attempting to break into the local tanning shop "Sugar Mama" with a monkey wrench: "We're sun-worshippers; so when we heard there was a flipping festival down in flipping Uruguay it was a no -brainer. This cold sh*t is for suckers. Lou, what about the circular saw?"

LouAnne, working "look out," grimaced: "Too loud. Let's head over to Sears, break in through the employee entrance, and "borrow" one of those tan beds instead. Then, we can also "borrow" some string bikinis and float devices. Win win."

BOTH: "Thanks Montevideo for the selection! Winter sux!"

Montevideo Fantástico runs in December and in February. The Lunch Ladies will screen in February in the International Shorts Competitive Program. Details coming soon!

The 13th annual Montevideo Fantástico Festival is the first film festival in Uruguay dedicated to national and international works in the genres of horror, fantasy and science fiction. It has been declared of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Education and Culture, of Municipal Interest by the Municipality of Montevideo, and of Tourist Interest by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. The Lunch Ladies have lobbied all three Ministries demanding to be declared "awesome."

Montevideo Fantástico Festival

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