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A VERY IMPORTANT FILM Announces Intl’ Premiere at 20minmax - Lunch Ladies To Rain On Their Parade

Just when you’ve thanked Satan for the hundredth time that you haven’t had to hear about the Lunch Ladies, they’re back to drag you to hell.

This time the reprehensible duo has secured their SECOND* screening at 20minmax International Short Film Fest out of Germany by raining on A VERY IMPORTANT FILM’S parade.

The very important filmmakers of A VERY IMPORTANT FILM are NOT happy.

Said Shayna Weber, Director of A VERY IMPORTANT FILM: “It’s a tragedy! When we first learned A VERY IMPORTANT FILM would have its international premiere at the very important 20minmax Film Fest we were thrilled. And then… to our extreme horror… we discovered the lowbrow Lunch Ladies would be screening with us! WTF?!”

Producer, Clarissa Jacobson whined: “It’s just not fairrrrr. Why won’t those Lunch Ladies stop raining on our paradeeee? Wahhh! Will we ever be truly important?”

Highly doubtful Ms. Jacobson, but there is always hope.

*The Lunch Ladies screened at 20minmax in 2018 and made fools of themselves by attempting to be REAL Germans. They failed miserably by pawning off suspect Schweinebraten, toasting with warm Colt 45 they’d brought in their suitcases to save cash, and squeezing into children’s lederhosen.

The Lunch Ladies and A VERY IMPORTANT FILM (Trailer below) will screen at 20minmax International Short Film Fest in Ingolstadt, Germany on Friday, October 15th at 10PM for Weird Movies Night at CineStar and again on Wednesday, October 20 at 8pm at Audi Cinema.

20minmax runs from October 13 - 21 and has been running for fifteen years! The festival screens diverse genres all under 20 minutes.

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Instagram: @20minmax_ingolstadt Facebook: @20minmax.Kurzfilmfestival


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