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Lunch Ladies To Screen Online For Best Of BoneBat - Say They Will Follow Social Distance Guidelines


In an uncharacteristically altruistic move, the Lunch Ladies have announced that they will follow COVID social distancing guidelines and screen on TVs six feet from viewers for the Best Of BoneBat Online Fest*.

Rumors are rampant across the dark web as to why the Lunch Ladies, who are notorious rule-breakers, agreed to follow the regulations, but many think it’s because their egos are so big they can’t pass up a screening anywhere, anytime.

Others say it’s because the dynamic duo has been enjoying weeks off from hellish Melvin High, due to the quarantine, and are feeling well-rested and generous.

Said Seretta, organizing thousands of Johnny Depp clippings in shoeboxes that she’s never had time to do until now: “It’s nobody’s flipping business why we agreed to screen six feet from viewers on TVs vs. the three feet we originally requested.”

LouAnne, rearranging their Depper VHS movie bookshelf for the umpteenth time this week smirked: “Furthermore, people can sit closer to the TV if they want, you can’t stop them, so we WON. Thanks, BoneBat, ya suckers, for screening us!”

The Lunch Ladies will screen free online - one time only - for BoneBat's Fest on April 25th from 6PM to 10PM. Details HERE!

*In 2018, the Lunch Ladies hijacked the 8th BoneBat Comedy of Horrors Fest winning their Audience Award. When the 10th Annual BoneBat Comedy Of Horrors Festival was canceled due to COVID, the programmers decided to organize an online event screening some of their favorite shorts of the last nine years for Best Of BoneBat. They were hopeful the Lunch Ladies wouldn’t be included, but these are desperate times.

Follow BoneBat "Comedy Of Horrors" Film Fest at:

Twitter: @BoneBat

Instagram: @BoneBatShow


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