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BREAKING NEWS! Lunch Ladies Filmmakers Busted On The Red Carpet

It happened at the HollyShorts Red Carpet line up for filmmakers on Saturday night.

JM Logan, Director, Donna Pieroni, Lead Actress. Chris Ekstein, Cinematographer and Clarissa Jacobson, Writer/Producer, posed for their mug shots after being booked for not being serious enough in line. HollyShorts Red Carpet Wranglers said "Those Lunch Ladies people are a detriment to real filmmakers everywhere and refuse to be wrangled."

Much to the HollyShorts Red Carpet Wranglers chagrin, the filmmakers were bailed out moments later by an anonymous guardian angel (Johnny Depp?) and went on to pull off a stunning victory comeback on the red carpet.

HollyShorts Red Carpet

* FAUX PAS! Clarissa has worn that dress on the red carpet TWICE. When asked about this major Hollywood FAUX PAS she said "It's latex. And, it has guts on it. It's perfect Lunch Ladies attire and I refuse to be wrangled."



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