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Pop Horror Editor: "Lunch Ladies Is Hands Down One Of The Best Horror Comedies I've Seen This Year"

The Lunch Ladies have been so abused by Principal Grossfetig and those delinquents at Melvin High that they're having a hard time believing all the love they're receiving. This includes this glowing review by Tori Danielle, Editor-In-Chief of Pop Horror which was recently named one of the 10 Hot Horror Bloggers to follow in 2017:

"With a runtime just over 18 minutes, Lunch Ladies is hands down one of the best horror comedies I’ve seen this year. It was disturbingly wonderful, hilarious, and went over and beyond my expectations. I've seen it described as many things, but for me I see it as Sweeney Todd meets Heathers along with some inspiration by John Waters."

"The story was brilliant. I love Johnny Depp and if I had mad cooking skills, of course I'd want to be his personal chef. Thinking about anyone, especially two middle aged Lunch Ladies, willing to do anything (even if they have to get a little bloody) to make their Johnny Depp dream come true makes me smile. I just love the concept."

Read the Full Review HERE.

Tori Danielle

Tori has had a passion for Horror and music ever since she was a little girl. In between work and family, she spends all of her spare time indulging in music, Horror movies, and nerdy fandoms, all while running/assisting one of the biggest Horror groups on Facebook and writing for various websites.

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