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Lunch Ladies Have A Double Date With Leatherface at Nightmares Film Fest!

Leatherface Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies are ecstatic! Turns out, not only was the film accepted into one of the best horror fests in the nation - NIGHTMARES FEST in Columbus, Ohio... but they are opening the celebration with one of their main squeezes: Leatherface of Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Leatherface starring Stephen Dorff & Lili Taylor is the pre-quel to Tobe Hooper's 1974 original and it will only be doing a limited run of ten shows across America. The Lunch Ladies are super stoked because they will screen right after it at midnight with a block of other horror comedies.

Getting the rats out of her beehive, Seretta said:

"Texas Chainsaw was the first horror flick we ever saw. We are crazy about Leatherface! Hell, we saw that big hunk of hotness even before Johnny Depp's Oscar-worthy performance in Nightmare on Elm Street. We have Uncle Z - God rest his soul - to thank for that, don't we Lou?"

Spraying her nasty case of athlete's foot, LouAnne said:

"Damn straight, Rett. Uncle Z took us to see Leatherface for our fifth birthday - he's the reason we got into movies. God love and rest his soul."

(Uncle Z got the electric chair at San Quentin back in '95 but he was a good guy).

Please join us in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, October 19 at Midnight at the Gateway Film Center, named one of the 20 best art houses on the continent by Sundance.

Lunch Ladies will play with the following block of awesome comedy/horror shorts at Midnight, Thursday, October 19, 2017 right after Leatherface:



Girl #2

Nightmares Film Festival

PS. For the Lunch Ladies, a date with Leatherface is almost better than having a date with Johnny Depp. ALMOST.



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