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Lunch Ladies Review from Hot Sisters Who Wrote The Night Owl Chronicles: "Lunch Ladies Rocked!

The Garcia Sisters

The Garcia Sisters, Aussie Authors of The Night Owl Chronicles - creepy, kickass books that'll keep you awake at night - took a break from scaring the hell out of readers to talk about Lunch Ladies:

"Lunch Ladies rocked! Seretta and LouAnne made us snicker because they reminded us of ourselves (minus the murderous side!) – they’re two sisters who work together and have a dream!"

"Entertaining from start to finish, Lunch Ladies is a dark, funny, horror film that is unique from black comedies we've seen before because something is always happening in every scene. We didn't know if the Burr Sisters would get away with it. They made us laugh - which in today’s world is a hard thing to do with all the drama that’s going on - We want more!"

The Garcia Sisters also said: "Being kids of the 80s, we too love Johnny Depp." Shhhh. Don't let the Lunch Ladies know, they don't take kindly to competition - ESPECIALLY from HOT sisters.

Read Their Official Review HERE:

Check out the ladies' most recent book in The Night Owl Series - "The Door" (click the photo)

Hailing from Australia ,The Garcia Sisters are definitely sisters (people always ask!) and they're left handed - how apropos for Horror Writers (if you subscribe to the ancient myth that lefties are spawned from Satan). The idea of "The Night Owl Chronicles" happened while they were having lunch (which is why they relate to Lunch Ladies) .

The Garcia gals write separately - each chapter is penned by one or the other. Be sure to check out all the books - not only are they wonderful but they're cleverly connected - paying off innocuous or main character appearances from one book to the next. Follow The Night Owl Chronicles at





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