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1428 Elm Street Pisses Off Cheerleader: "Lunch Ladies: Hilarious Short Needs To Be A Feature"

Alexis The Cheerleader

What an awesome Friday the 13th!!! Jeremy Dick of FanSided Network's 1428 Elm Street is giving Alexis the Cheerleader a run for her popularity by featuring the Lunch Ladies in his latest review:

"On its own, this short film has a beginning, middle, and end, and will leave you satisfied (if you’re as twisted in the head as I am, at least). But given how beautiful the film looks (even the disgusting school cafeteria food looked incredible) and how entertaining its leads are, I felt the story could have gone on at least another hour... This hilariously nauseating horror short needs to be a feature."


Therefore, Alexis, you can take that pissy attitude and stick it up your sweet little... this is a classy blog so we won't say where. But, we will say that Alexis was the Snow Queen, Prom Queen, Queen of Rivertown Days, Captain of the Cheerleaders and State Fair Dairy Princess - it's time to move aside - Jeremy Dick of FanSided LOVES the Lunch Ladies and could care less about YOU.

Hurts to be unpopular, Alexis, doesn't it?

Jeremy Dick

Jeremy Dick is a writer and editor for the FanSided network. Covering horror at 1428 Elm and late night TV on Last Night On.

Facebook: 1428Elm Instagram: @fansided Twitter: @slimeymeteor Website:



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