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Nominated For Nightmares Fest Best Horror Comedy, Harry Winston Gifts Lunch Ladies Diamond Tiaras

Harry Winston Tiara

The Lunch Ladies are thrilled to be attending the Nightmares Fest this week but are even more excited about the diamond tiaras the infamous jeweler to the stars, Harry Winston, has gifted them to wear at the awards ceremony.

They received the call from Mr. Winston's Personal Assistant, Todd Sweeney III, minutes after being nominated for Best Horror Comedy. Sweeney said "Harry Winston diamonds have been worn by the finest women in show business - from Elizabeth Taylor to Halle Berry. It was only natural we reached out to the Lunch Ladies who epitomize everything we stand for - poise, grace and timeless beauty."

Seretta Burr said: "It's a helluva honor to be nominated when so many great films are screening, but the important thing is not whether we win or lose, but the tiaras we get to wear. Thank you, Harry."

LouAnne Burr expounded: "I'm so happy we won't look like hillbillies at the ceremony - goodbye hairnets, hello tiaras. God bless you, Harry."

The Lunch Ladies screen at the Nightmares Film Fest in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday, October 19 at midnight right after Leatherface.

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Along with Lunch Ladies the following rockin' films were nominated for Best Horror Comedy:

Nightmares Best Horror Comedy Short Nominees



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