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Beats, Boxing & Mayhem - Lunch Ladies Google Themselves At Least An Hour A Day

Commodore 64

What happens when you finally get some appreciation after spending the majority of your life being an overworked, underpaid high school Lunch Lady who loves Johnny Depp?

Discounting murder, you become attention whores.

Dark Web Sources have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies spend at least an hour a day mining the internet on their jacked up Commodore 64 for any scrap of news about them. Once found, they go on to annoy the hell out of people by posting it on Social Media and blogging about it.

Today is a perfect example.

Seretta and LouAnne spent all morning googling and found a whole paragraph dedicated to them. Beats, Boxing & Mayhem did a recap of the Atlanta Horror Fest reviewing the comedy horror block:

"Even if you’re not big on horror comedy, you couldn’t help but laugh at some of these films. My favorite from this block was Lunch Ladies (Dir. by J.M. Logan), which tells the tale of two Johnny Depp-obsessed cafeteria ladies trying to keep their jobs and save up enough money to meet their beloved idol. Turns out, the secret recipe the ladies needed was human flesh (provided by the school’s stuck-up cheerleader).The ladies (Donna Pieroni, Mary Manofsky) were hilarious and played off each other perfectly."

Read the full article HERE.

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