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The Lunch Ladies Cozy Up To The Film Coterie Proving Ass Kissing Really Does Work

The Film Coterie Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies will do anything to get a little publicity.

When they found out The Film Coterie, would be doing a recap on Nightmares Film Fest, Seretta fluttered her eyelashes, thrust out her double D's, and told them they were brilliant. LouAnne slicked back her ducktail and told them they were handsome.

That's all it took.


The Film Coterie said:

"Lunch Ladies from Clarissa Jacobson and Josh Logan took home Nightmares Best Horror Comedy Short award and it had some of the fiercest competition in any of the short blocks. It has a great Burton-esque vibe and features two outstanding leads who will do anything to meet Johnny Depp."

The Coterie went one step further with their podcast where they talked about not only the other great films at the fest but how amazing Lunch Ladies looked (DP Chris Ekstein).

Just goes to show you, a little brown nosing goes a long way.

The Film Coterie's podcasts can be found on iTunes and SoundCloud. In their own words: "The idea for the podcast came about because we go to the movies each and every Thursday night as a group and then proceed to stand in the parking lot and discuss the film (and other nonsense). Why not record it? Why not release it for others (hopefully) to hear? What do we have to lose, besides $300 in startup costs and our dignity?"

Website -

Facebook - @filmcoterie

Twitter - @filmcoterie



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