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Lunch Ladies Win Best Horror Comedy at Atlanta Horror Fest - Principal Grossfetig Hijacks Trophy

Atlanta Horror Film Festival

However, much to their chagrin, they never saw the trophy.

The Lunch Ladies were unable to make the fest due to unforeseen issues (they took the Orient Express to Atlanta hoping to meet Johnny Depp and got lost in Budapest). At the behest of the producers, Principal Grossfetig attended in their place for an undisclosed sum and the Lunch Ladies famous peach pie (the same pie they reportedly bribed Atlanta Horror Judges with).

Here's where it gets sticky.

When the award was announced, Grossfetig, wearing a fake nose and bushy eyebrows à la Groucho Marx, jumped up, snatched it and bellowed:

"Melvin High Potential!"

He then screamed "Choke on it Lunch Ladies!" and hauled ass. The Lunch Ladies were considering murder but at the pleading of The Depper they decided to sue instead. Grossfetig was served with papers TODAY.

Principal Grossfetig never showed his face in the movie and the film fest was no different... but for some reason, everyone knows he was there.

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