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Lunch Ladies Develop Huge Egos After Winning Best North American Short At Nevermore Film Fest - &quo

The Lunch Ladies have developed huge egos after winning "Best North American Short" at Nevermore Film Fest. Apparently, the women are causing a huge embarrassment to the entire cast and crew of the film by demanding to cut in line at Walmart, demanding the best table at Arby's, and bragging nonstop: "We Are Flipping Awesome."

Writer/Producer Clarissa Jacobson and Director JM Logan have been apologizing to everyone they see for the Lunch Ladies' obnoxious behavior.

Logan: "Great. Now everyone thinks we're typical Hollywood A**HOLES because of the Lunch Ladies' unreasonable demands. I wish I had never gotten involved with those two."

Jacobson: "The Lunch Ladies are giving us a bad name. These are not the characters I wrote and I refuse to take any responsibility for them."

"This is gratitude for you," says Jim Carl, founder of the Nevermore Film Festival. "The selection committee was considering a recount, but the Lunch Ladies have been threatening blood on the floor, and now we’re thinking, okay, maybe we shouldn’t giving out these awards in the first place."

When asked for comment, the Ladies laughed, gave reporters (and Carl) the finger and said:

"Whatever, we won Best North American Short at Nevermore Film Fest! EAT IT!"

Lunch Ladies screens in the "I'm Coming To Get You, Barbara!" Short Film Block on February 24 at 5:10 pm and February 25 at 2 pm at the Carolina Theatre Cinema in Durham, NC.

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Nevermore Fest takes its name from the famous Poe poem "The Raven" and is in its 19th year. It was recently named one of the top one-hundred Horror & Fantasy film festivals in the world.

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