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JM Logan Wins Best Director at Oregon Scream Week - Lunch Ladies Steal Award “We're Innocent”

JM Logan

Reports have surfaced that the Lunch Ladies have struck again, this time by stealing the best director certificate awarded to JM Logan this past weekend at Oregon Scream Week.

Eyewitnesses say the Lunch Ladies pilfered the award right under Logan’s nose when he was in a deep conversation at a filmmaker’s mixer ranting about “boring” stuff like camera angles and color correction.

The Lunch Ladies claim innocence and had this to say:

Seretta: “It’s really sad that Logan is trying to pin his lost certificate on us. Sure it looks great hanging next to our Johnny Depp posters... I mean, would look great, but we’re murderers. Not thieves.”

LouAnne: “I personally am highly offended. After all we’ve done for him? Furthermore, everyone knows we directed ourselves, so really it should be ours anyhow.”

Logan who has put up with a lot of sh*t from the obnoxious women went on record with an ominous threat: “This is the last time those Lunch Ladies take advantage of me. They’ll be sorry.”

Stay posted for further details.

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