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Famous Monsters Silver Scream Fest Awards Lunch Ladies Best Short After They Cut Tantrum And Create

Silver Scream Famous Monsters

The dark web has confirmed that the Famous Monsters Silver Scream Film Fest awarded the Lunch Ladies Best Short soon after the women cut a tantrum and created a huge scene in the lobby of the theatre.

Concocting an elaborate plan to drive judges nuts, they stomped their feet and whined non stop “Lunch Ladies, Lunch Ladies, Lunch Ladies!” prompting irate theatre goers and pissed concession workers to demand “just give them the award and shut them the “F” up.”

Said Seretta, posing for pictures for the nonexistent paparazzi “It’s amazing what a little bit of bratty behavior can do for one’s career. I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.”

LouAnne, posing for pictures with nonexistent fans said: “What’s the big deal? We’re celebrities, everyone expects us to act like spoiled brats. Thanks Famous Monsters Silver Scream!”

*The ladies won Best North American Short at Nevermore Film Fest the same week along with Best Director at Oregon Scream Week (where it’s rumored they stole JM Logan’s award). Adding the Famous Monsters Silver Scream Award to the heap they are now super annoying and have begun charging $10 a pop for autographs. No one has bought any.

Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was established in 1958 as a way to celebrate genre films and unite fans around the world. The magazine has gone on to become one of the most influential entertainment magazines of all time. The Lunch Ladies ' Uncle Z (who got the electric chair but was a good guy), had stacks of them in his bedroom. Seretta and LouAnne fondly remember Sunday afternoons paging through them for hours while Uncle Z sawed up "things" in his basement. In 2016, Famous Monsters first joined forces with the Santa Rosa Entertainment Group to hold the Silver Scream Film and Comic Festival with a focus on independent films, screenplays, and comic books.






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