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Lunch Ladies Head To Amsterdam For Imagine Film Fest After Instructing Programmers - "No Clogs"


The Lunch Ladies received the shocking news that the 34th Annual Imagine Film Fest in Amsterdam would like them to attend. Though the sisters have been dying to get to Amsterdam to tilt some windmills, their initial reaction was one of concern that they would be forced to wear clogs.

Said Seretta, admiring her new kitten heels she bought just for the fest: "We're really in no position to be making demands, but we draw the line at clogs. We told them - clogs or us. You choose. They said clogs. We said us. Then we said clogs and they said us. Works every time."

LouAnne, shining up steel-toed black Harley boots she plans to wear opening night, smiled: "Sure clogs are a part of their culture, but we're Americans. We sh*t all over everyone's culture whenever possible. Besides, we're celebrities now. Our moldy kitchen wearing clog days are over."

The Lunch Ladies screen at the Imagine Film Fest for the Kick-Ass Women Program in Amsterdam on Tuesday, April 17 at 1:15pm and Friday, April 20 at 5pm at the EYE Museum.

*Side note: Clarissa Jacobson, the writer/producer loves clogs and plans to buy a pair while there.

Imagine Film Festival

The Imagine Film Fest is THE festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands. Now in its 34th year, Imagine presents the best in fantasy, science fiction, horror, anime, martial arts and cult.

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