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Horror Happens Radio Host Jay Kay Admits "Sh*t Happens" After Interviewing Lunch Ladies Writer/Prod

Horror Happens Radio

Jay Kay of Horror Happens Radio has admitted that he interviewed Clarissa Jacobson, the writer/producer of Lunch Ladies, and has no excuse other than "Sh*t Happens."

Hear the Interview HERE!

Kay was hoping to bypass talking to anyone associated with the Lunch Ladies but was caught off guard when Clarissa burst into tears, begging him for some promotion. (Apparently, there's a reason the Lunch Ladies are so annoying - because they're a chip off the old block.)

Said Clarissa, dabbing at her eyes: "I didn't mean to cry but I had hit a wall. No one wants anything to do with the Lunch Ladies. Their lousy reputation proceeds them and it's an uphill battle to get them any type of promotion; so I just... I just had a meltdown."

Kay who prides himself on supporting women in horror year round, not just for women in horror month, decided to throw Clarissa a bone and tell naysayers: "Horror Happens. Sh*t Happens."

Thanks Jay!

Hosted by the devilish “Jay Kay & The Ghost”, the Horror Happens Radio Show is a 3x (2014-2016) Rondo Hatton Nominated” live, smart & uncensored, internet horror radio program that features over 1200 first time guest conversations, horror news, history/culture, reviews, “Behind the Horror Magazine Cover,” events, links, causes, fan funded projects and music (rockabilly, psychobilly, swing, metal, rock & horror film scores).

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