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Extra Features Podcast Reeling After Lunch Ladies Send Suspicious Pot Pie "Eat This Or Interview Us"

Extra Features Podcast

Extra Features Podcast is reeling after they told the Lunch Ladies they didn't want anything to do with them then were sent a suspicious pot pie with a sabered note in the crust that said: "Eat this, or interview the Lunch Ladies. Your choice."

Listen to the coerced podcast HERE!

Simon Watson, co-creator of the show and the poor sod who received the "special delivery" agreed to the interview saying "We were trying desperately to avoid featuring the Lunch Ladies, but we had no choice when that showed up at our door. Satan knows who's... what's in it."

Seretta, spraying her beehive with WD40 and fluttering her eyes innocently, said: "I wonder who could've sent that... and I wonder what was in it? Probably nothing but wholesome cheerleader... er, cheery goodness. But you never know, so good call on interviewing us instead!"

Louanne, filing her nails with a mini-hacksaw and smiling coyly agreed: "Smart move Simon! You can't be too careful when rogue food is delivered! Also, that pie probably had a lot of... butter in it. Once on the lips, forever on the hips. Thanks for the interview!"

Extra Features Podcast

Extra Features Podcast started back in February of 2008. Each podcast features upwards of ten films, with multiple viewpoints and humorous takes of view along the way!

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Twitter: @ExtraFeaturespc

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