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Lunch Ladies Use Extensive Flattery On Jean Book Nerd Blog To Get An Awesome Interview/Review

Jean Book Nerd

Dark web sources have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have used extensive flattery to get themselves an awesome interview/review from self-proclaimed "nerd" bloggers Jean Book Nerd:

"Lunch Ladies definitely has a unique spark, one that could benefit from the feature length treatment (with spirit intact) in all of its goo spattered greatness." Read the full story HERE and see the Interview BELOW! Jean Vallesteros, creator/editor of the blog along with her team - James Vallesteros, Americo Galli, Erik Werlin, Edward Chung and Joe Flores (who reviewed the film) - caught up with the ladies at the Mammoth Film Fest and were “easy pickings” for the skilled manipulators: Said Seretta, filing her long hot pink nails with a chuckle: “Those nerds were super easy to flatter. All we had to do was say how awesome they were and that they weren't nerds, but babes and studs. It was LouAnne’s idea to throw in the babe/stud angle. Brilliant.” LouAnne doctoring her corns, smiled: “Awww, thanks Seretta, but it was a no-brainer. Jean and her team have been nerds their whole life, just like us, so to tell them they're not nerds, but actually babes and studs was monumental for them. Easy pickings. Thanks for the write up Jean Book Nerd!”

Jean Book Nerd is a blog dedicated to reviewing books and has just branched out into film. The site has 2,000 - 3000 unique Daily visits with a total of 18,000,000.00+ million views. Score!

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