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Lunch Ladies Nominated For Two Awards At Hexploitation Film Fest - Under Investigation By Mounties

The Lunch Ladies, who are rumored to dabble in witchcraft, are under investigation by the Canadian Mounted Police after pulling off a SECOND hex on Hexploitation Film Fest (aka the PLAINTIFF).

Back in February, Plaintiff reported they were "hexed" into choosing the ladies as an official selection of the film fest and filed charges. However, the case stalled after definitive proof failed to surface. This time, Plaintiff alleges they were hexed into nominating the Ladies (aka the DEFENDANTS) for Best Horror Short and Best Comedic Short and are seeking damages.

Said Chief Sweeney McTodd:

"We are doing everything in our power to bring these Lunch Ladies to justice. They avoided the long arm of the law last time. This time won't be so easy."

When asked for comment, the Defendants, who were sharpening their "dull" Ginsu Knives for the tenth time that day, said:

"US? Witches? We're poor little underdog Lunch Ladies. Go ahead, investigate, mounties. We dare you. Thanks Hex Fest for the nomination!"

Lunch Ladies plays on Sunday, March 25 at 4PM right before the feature Blood Sucka Jones - Buy Tickets HERE! This is their Canadian Premiere.

*Wonder if those Lunch Ladies will pull off a third hex and win? Hmmmm....

The Hexploitation Film Festival runs from March 23-25 and is the only festival dedicated to horror & exploitation genre cult cinema in the Hamilton, Ontario Canada area. They screen 7 feature films and approx 20 shorts each year at the Staircase Theatre (27 Dundurn St. N).

Hexploitation Film Fest

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