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Lunch Ladies Miffed They Were Not Invited To Attend International News Channel France 24's Interview

France 24 TV

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are miffed after finding out that they were not invited to attend an interview by international news channel France 24.

Apparently the lame brain, we mean main brain, behind the Lunch Ladies, writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson, met France 24 producer Renaud Lefort at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest in February where the film played in the Dinner Is Served Retrospective. Feeling sorry for her because she's the lame/main brain behind the Lunch Ladies, Lefort gave the film a plug:

Then, he suggested she would be a good candidate for a documentary France 24 is doing about the Women's Revolution in Hollywood. Some say he thought her creation of two middle-aged murdering Lunch Ladies in love with Johnny Depp was as revolutionary as it gets, but rumors from the dark web suggest that it was because she has a big mouth and lives in Hollywood.

Whatever the case, Renaud and his France 24 team, culture editor, Eve Jackson, presenter, Sonia Patricelli and cameraman Steph Bodenne, left from Paris to head to Los Angeles to get the story from Clarissa and some other lame brains, we mean main brains, in her screenwriting class, Twin Bridges, run by head of the lame brains, we mean main brains, Joe Bratcher.

No one invited the Lunch Ladies.

A miffed Seretta, sharpening a bayonet that she picked up at a Goodwill, said: "Not including us to talk about the Women's Revolution? How dare they?! We wrote the book on revolution!"

LouAnne, screaming over Gone With The Wind blaring on their TV, said: "Frankly I don't give a damn. We would've put our foot in our mouth anyhow, so shut up and put that thing away."

Stay tuned to France 24 to see the documentary in May!

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Below - Twin Bridges Writing Salon Meets France 24 to Discuss The Women's Revolution In Hollywood WITHOUT the Lunch Ladies.

Left to right:

Second Row: Eve Jackson, Clarissa Jacobson, Sonia Patricelli, Steph Bodenne



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