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Lunch Ladies To Screen At Indiana's Skyline Drive-In - Will Come In Pajamas And OD On Concessions

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies will be screening at Indiana's Skyline Drive-In Theatre and will come in pajamas, OD on concessions and pass out in their Buick LeSabre.

Said a verklempt Seretta, dabbing at her eyes with a blood-stained handkerchief: "It's just... I'm sorry, I'm just a little choked up. It's just that seeing ourselves on the big screen while being comfortable in pajamas, stuffing our pie hole then passing out has been a lifelong dream of ours."

LouAnne, equally verklempt, blowing her nose on a blood-stained sleeve, added: "Who knew the Skyline would let us not only screen and wear our pajamas, but also let us drive our POS Buick into the lot and park it for the night. Thanks Skyline!"

The Lunch Ladies will screen at The Skyline Drive-In for Indie SINsations on Wednesday, May 30. The Theatre opens at 7pm. Admission is $10 or $25 per carload.

Shocking Side Note One: The writer/producer Clarissa went to Indiana University, is a Hoosier at heart and is absolutely shocked that the Lunch Ladies have been allowed into the state.

Shocking Side Note Two: Rogue sources have reported that the Lunch Ladies were conceived at the Skyline many moons ago - apparently their parents were on the lam from authorities and came to see the 1963 movie Blood Feast.

Shocking Side Note Three: Blood Feast directed by Marcel Walz starring Caroline Williams has been remade. It will be screening in 25 cities over the month. Concerned citizens are worried that more Lunch Ladies will be conceived.

The Skyline Drive-In is located in Shelbyville, Indiana and is now in their 68th year. Special thanks to Branden Yates for programming the film and Brooklyn Ewing and Jerry Larew of She Was So Pretty for recommending it!

Skyline Drive-In Theatre

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