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Lunch Ladies To Screen At Gen Con Fest Where They Will Cosplay As Johnny Depp Siamese Twins

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies will be screening at Indiana's Gen Con Fest where they will cosplay as Johnny Depp Siamese Twins.

Gen Con is the longest running gaming convention in the world (50 years!) and boasts over 19,000 events and costumed attendees. The Ladies love to game "we got game," but have decided to concentrate instead on dressing up as Johnny Depp Siamese Twins:

Said Seretta, practicing her best Johnny Depp "hot" look: "Gaming is simply an extension of our everyday lives - working at a high school and surviving the day without murder... sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. What really gets us wired is cosplay."

LouAnne, perfectly imitating Seretta's Johnny Depp "hot" look so people buy they're Siamese Twins, concurred: "The opportunity to cosplay as Johnny Depp Siamese Twins is a once in a lifetime chance. It's one thing to love The Depper, it's another thing to be inside his skin. Thanks Gen Con Fest for the selection!"

Gen Con is the original, longest-running, best-attended, gaming convention in the world. 2017 saw more than 61,000 attendees and set an all-new attendance record for the 50-year event. The Gen Con Film Fest has been running 13 years.

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