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Lunch Ladies Get Film Coterie To Screen Them At Marcon Convention After Offering Gift Of Pot Pie

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have scored another screening; this time at Marcon Multiple Alternative Realities Convention in Columbus, Ohio - the Midwest's premiere Science Fiction & Fantasy Fest (which has been running for an astounding 53 years) - by offering "delicious" pot pies to The Film Coterie, who they met at the Nightmares Film Fest.

Apparently, The Film Coterie was tasked with programming the midnight shorts for Marcon and decided to screen the Lunch Ladies after they offered to send pot pies.

Said Seretta, plucking some stubborn whiskers from her chin: "Last time we talked with The Film Coterie, we kissed major a** . When we heard they were in charge of Marcon - we knew they would see right through our a** kissing so we did the next best thing. We bribed them to include us by offering some scrumptious pot pies. We're kind of confused though because their response was "For the love of Satan, we'll program you, please just don't send pies!"

LouAnne, grooming her underarm hair with an ornate fine-toothed comb, seconded that: "We worked hard on those pies and I'm not sure why they don't want them. But, hey, as long as they screen us, awesome. Thanks Film Coterie for programming us at Marcon!

The Film Coterie's podcasts can be found on iTunes and SoundCloud. In their own words: "The idea for the podcast came about because we go to the movies each and every Thursday night as a group and then proceed to stand in the parking lot and discuss the film (and other nonsense). Why not record it? Why not release it for others (hopefully) to hear? What do we have to lose, besides $300 in startup costs and our dignity?"

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