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Lunch Ladies Have 186 Hour Slumber Party Watching Encore! France 24 Documentary

See the doc in English HERE!

See the doc in French HERE!

Apparently, the International French News Channel interviewed the lame brain, we mean main brain, behind the Lunch Ladies, writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson, and her screenwriting class, Twin Bridges, for the special show. Clarissa met France 24 producer Renaud Lefort at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest where Lunch Ladies played in the Dinner Is Served Retrospective.

At first the Lunch Ladies were miffed because they were not invited to be part of the interview, but after they learned that Jacobson and Twin Bridges not only talked about them, but read from the feature screenplay based on their lives, the Ladies forgot all gripes:

Said Seretta, burping after finishing her 30th can of Dr. Pepper: "It was cool to see Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Tippi Hedren and other kickass women in the documentary, but everyone knows it's all about us - LouAnne, skip Oprah, rewind to the part Clarissa talks about us again."

LouAnne, staring inside her 17th bag of microwave popcorn, scowled: "Rett you burned this batch, way to go. Also, my rewind finger is super sore so I'll do it, but only 150 more times. Don't worry, we can watch it again this weekend. Thanks France 24 for making a great doc!"

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Below - Twin Bridges Writing Salon Meets France 24 to Discuss The Women's Revolution In Hollywood WITHOUT the Lunch Ladies.

Left to right:

Second Row: Eve Jackson, Clarissa Jacobson, Sonia Patricelli, Steph Bodenne



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