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Lunch Ladies WIN Best Horror at Film Leben Fest In Germany - Pass Out From Excitement

Film Leben Fest

In a startling turn of events, the Lunch Ladies have won Best Horror at the Film Leben Festival, and have passed out from the excitement.* Apparently, they awoke ten minutes later, mumbled "we're flipping speechless" and passed out again. This has gone on for a whole whole week.

Said, Todd McSweeney, their pain in the a*s neighbor who lives two doors down: "Every day I have to call the coppers on the Lunch Ladies for being loud. Well, guess what? I haven't heard a peep from them because they've been too busy passing out. It's been pure bliss."

Jane Lovett, their slutty neighbor who lives four doors down and is having an affair with Todd McSweeney, purred: "I think I can speak tor the whole neighborhood - Thank you Film Leben Fest, for awarding the Lunch Ladies Best Horror - you finally got them to shut up!"

Film Leben Festival ran from June 6-10, 2018. The festival is in its sixth year and aims to foster new talents and promote the city as a quality cultural tourism destination. The Lunch Ladies screened in the Late-Night Special: Category Horror.

*The last time the Lunch Ladies passed out from excitement and were speechless was when Johnny Depp divorced Amber Heard - "Finally, she's out of the way."

Film Leben Festival

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