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GoreLords Podcast Loves The Lunch Ladies - Lunch Ladies Firmly Tell Them: “We’re Taken.”


JUST IN! The dark web has confirmed that the GoreLords Podcast loves the Lunch Ladies who have firmly told them “We’re Taken.” Apparently, the GoreLords did a kickass review on their podcast without any coercion, manipulation or threats, so the Lunch Ladies are convinced they're hitting on them. Listen to it HERE! (Warning: Spoiler Alert) Said Seretta, slipping into something more comfortable: “We appreciate the love, but those crazy kids need to understand no amount of flattery will ever get us to leave The Depper for them.” LouAnne, lounging luxuriously on their naugahyde couch, purred: “It's obvious why they want us, we're very sexy ladies, but there’s only enough of us for The Depper. Thanks for the awesome review GoreLords; sorry, but we’re taken!”

*The GoreLords have denied all accusations and have gone on record to say: “We wouldn’t touch those crazy b*tches with a ten foot pole.”

The GoreLords are everything you've been looking for in a podcast. Gore. Bad words. Loosely structured horror movie discussions. Live for horror, die for gore! Their podcast contains explicit content and spoilers. So, yeah. Super fun.

Follow the GoreLords Podcast at:

Facebook: @GoreLords

Twitter: @GoreLordsTweetz

Instagram: @GoreLords



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