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Lunch Ladies Slip Wormwood Tea To Nevermore Horror & Just Celebrity Mag To Garner Killer Reviews

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have slipped Wormwood Tea to the reporters at Nevermore Horror and Just Celebrity Magazine to garner "Flipping Awesome Reviews":

Nevermore Horror: "I cannot, in words, express how fun, flamboyant, vibrant and out-right insane the film is."

Just Celebrity Mag: "It’s a movie that will keep you giggling for the entire 19 minutes it lasts and a long time after that."

Apparently, the ladies came up with the idea to use the potent hallucinogenic drug after discovering that the reviewer at Nevermore happened to go by the pen name Wormwood:

Said Seretta, toiling over a vat of Wormwood Tea they're brewing for future use on other helpless reporters: "We've played every trick in the book from Sit-Ins, to Kidnapping to good old Guilting Out - we were simply at a loss on how to get more awesome reviews."

LouAnne, bottling the Wormwood Tea in old Clorox Jugs, smirked: "Then... LIGHT BULB. Wormwood... his name is Wormwood! Use his name against him and while we're at it, drug that reviewer, Liselotte Vanophem from Just Celebrity too. WIN! WIN!"

BOTH: "Thanks Just Celebrity Mag and Nevermore-Horror for the great reviews, hope your headaches weren't too bad when you woke up!"

Read the full Nevermore Review HERE!

Read the full Just Celebrity Review HERE!

And if you're a glutton for punishment, read Just Celebrity's Interview with writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson HERE!

Nevermore Horror covers indie and mainstream horror film, art, books, music and games. It was founded by Raymond Charles Landry who goes by the pen name - Wormwood.

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Just Celebrity Mag covers celebrity news, views, exclusives and gossip from around the world.

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