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Lunch Ladies Win Big At Italy's Fano Fest - Celebrate By Stealing A Ferrari


In a shocking display of poor judgment, the Lunch Ladies have been forced to flee Italy after stealing a Ferrari and speeding through city streets at 150 mph with police hot on their tails.

Apparently, the women won Best Foreign Short and Best Actress* for their Italian premiere (October 20) at the 30th annual Fano Film Festival. Thrilled with the outcome, they got drunk on Limoncello, stole a classic Ferrari valued at over $200,000, hit four garbage cans and two light posts, crashed into an ancient church, then evaded authorities by taking off on foot.

Said Seretta, doctoring her blisters after escaping over the border to Austria: "Those flipping Italians were after us for 8 1/2 hours straight but we distracted them with bastardized quotes from Fellini and were finally able to ditch them."

LouAnne, dripping in sweat, her knockoff Gucci dress completely ruined, nodded: "We were so hungover - not on Limoncello, but from eating so much Cannoli - but we made it. What a rush. Thanks Fano Fest for the wins!"

The 30th Annual Fano Film Festival runs from October 16-20. Lunch Ladies screens on Saturday, October 20 at 8:45pm during the Gala Event.

*The Best Actress award went to both Donna Pieroni and Mary Manofsky.

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