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Lunch Ladies Use The Luck Of The Irish Against The Irish To Screen At Kerry Film Festival

Kerry Film Festival

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have used the luck of the Irish against the Irish to finagle a screening from the Kerry Film Festival.

Apparently, the women have been trying to get to the land of the Blarney Stone, leprechauns and Guinness since they were wee tots but the Irish have managed to keep them at bay. Until now.

Said Seretta, practicing her jig in an unbecoming green felt mini-skirt: "We had to get in the Kerry Fest and we knew it would take more than threatening them with a shillelagh thrashing. That's when we decided to use the luck of the Irish. Tell 'em how we did it, Lou."

LouAnne, helping herself to her third jigger of Jameson, nodded: "It was simple. We hijacked the luck of the Irish, turned it into the luck of the Lunch Ladies and we were in!

Both: "Thanks Kerry Film Festival for the selection!"

The Kerry Film Festival is an internationally recognized short film festival in its 19th year. It is Kerry's largest film fest. The Lunch Ladies screen in the Sunday Social Shorts Programme on Sunday, October 21 at 1pm at Killarney Cinema. Details HERE!

**The Irish are reeling at the fact that St. Patrick was able to drive the snakes out of the country, yet they are unable to drive the Lunch Ladies out.


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