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Lunch Ladies Win Best Foreign Short At MABO Puerto Rico & Score Love From Reviewers - Haters Gripe

Festival de Cortometrajes de MABO

Festival de Cortometrajes de MABO awarded the Lunch Ladies this awesome handmade trophy done by a Puerto Rican artist.


The Lunch Ladies have been awarded Best Foreign Short by MABO Film Fest in Puerto Rico and have scored shout outs from Reel Ghouls Podcast, D.D. Crowley of 1428 Elm Street, Frontrunner Mag and Indie Activity causing haters everywhere to gripe:

"I'm so sick of those hags."

Apparently, the Lunch Ladies who keep winning awards, getting into festivals and getting killer reviews - are really getting on haters' nerves but don't care:

Said, Seretta, making a homemade battle axe by attaching a cleaver to a broomstick with some hemp she ripped off from the local Cannabis store: "After years of being treated like crap at Melvin High, we are thrilled to annoy haters around the world. Tell, 'em Lou."

LouAnne, fashioning a homemade mace by gluing razor blades onto a disco ball that she pilfered from Herb's Strip Club down the block, nodded: "It's so satisfying! We're lovers not fighters, but if those haters cause too much trouble, medieval weaponry is golden!"

BOTH: Thanks everyone for helping us piss off haters around the world!"

Check out the newest Lunch Lady love here:

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Reel Ghouls

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D.D. Crowley

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Special shout out to Susan Leighton & Jeremy Dick from 1428 Elm who also showered the Lunch Ladies with a ton 'o love.

Indie Activitiy

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