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Breaking News! Lunch Ladies Win At Hexploitation Fest: "Just Give Them The Award & End This Curse"


Breaking News! The Lunch Ladies have pulled off their third and final hex at Hexploitation Film Fest to take home Best Comedic Short. Apparently, the women won after programmers decided to "just give them the award and end this curse."

It started back in February, where the Lunch Ladies who had not been to Canada, set their sites on getting their passport stamped. Knowing they had a snowball's chance in hell of being let into the country without witchcraft, they first hexed Hex Fest into an official selection, then hexed them into a nomination, which got the Canadian Mounted Police involved, and finally in an astounding move, hexed the win.

Said Seretta, throwing her broom in the bloodstained trunk of their Buick LeSabre: "It was a little touch and go after the Mounties got involved but we shut them up after we littered their foyer with lizard tails and eyes of... something. After that, the coast was clear to hex the win."

LouAnne, throwing her crystal ball in the bloodstained backseat of the LeSabre, added: "Thanks Hexploitation Fest for the win; you can rest easy now, the curse of the Lunch Ladies is over!"

See all the winners of the Hexploitation Film Fest HERE.

Hexploitation Film Fest is the only festival dedicated to horror & exploitation genre cult cinema in the Hamilton, Ontario Canada area. They screen 7 feature films and approx 20 shorts each year at the Staircase Theatre (27 Dundurn St. N).

Hexploitation Film Fest

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