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Lunch Ladies Win People's Choice At Greece's Anatomy Festival - Doctors Fear Greeks Going Senile

Anatomy Crime & Horror Festival

Medical specialists across the world are concerned one of the oldest civilizations is going senile.

Apparently, Greece's dance with dementia started when Anatomy Crime & Horror Festival in Athens nominated the Lunch Ladies for Best Short (Horror) and Best Actress (Horror)*.

Doctors put the country on red alert and prescribed Ouzo.

For weeks, the Greeks fought valiantly, gulping the drink by the gallon, praying to The Oracle and taking the bull by the horns. In a miraculous recovery, Anatomy Fest announced the Lunch Ladies did NOT win their nominations.

All 2000+ Greek islands cut loose in massive celebration, but doctors warned they were not out of the woods yet and to take it easy.

Unfortunately, the Greeks like to party and overdid it.

Sources say the country lost its marbles at 3:18pm on November 12, with Anatomy Fest's news that audiences had voted Lunch Ladies People's Choice Best Short out of nearly 100 films.

Medical specialists are working day and night to cure Greece's insanity, but prospects are bleak. Many say the best anyone can hope for is a deux ex machina.

When the Lunch Ladies were asked for comment they said:

"Thanks ya crazy Greeks! OPA!"

*Donna Pieroni was nominated for Best Actress (Horror) for playing Seretta. Seretta is still confused and does not know who Donna is.


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