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"VOTE FOR US PLEAZE!" Lunch Ladies Harass Folks For Votes At Gruesome Magazine

Gruesome Magazine

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have been harassing folks like yourself everywhere to vote for them in Gruesome Magazine's 2018 Horror Awards.


Gruesome Magazine, shocking upright moral and decent folks everywhere, announced that Lunch Ladies was nominated for 2018 Best Horror Short of the year.


- terrific horror shorts across the world, no one can fathom how the Lunch Ladies ended up on this focused shorts list of only twenty-six films. Many are suggesting -


- foul play. However, the Lunch Ladies have vehemently denied manipulation, cheating and bribing of judges to receive this nomination. They have also denied


- that they have obtained votes by robocalling homes in the middle of the night, super-glueing fliers on people's windshields, and using a bullhorn to chant Lunch Ladies! Lunch Ladies! Lunch Ladies! to exhausted commuters. One thing is for certain-


-those crazy b*tches want your vote!

If you haven't seen Lunch Ladies yet, you can check it out on Prime Video, Kanopy and on Canal+ (French Territories) - just remember to

*Read Gruesome Magazine's recent killer review of Lunch Ladies. Written by Grue-Crew Member Joseph Perry after seeing the film at FilmQuest in Utah, it's pretty flippin' awesome - Thanks Joe!

Gruesome Magazine

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