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Lunch Ladies Descend On Bend Again - Confused Oregonians: “We Thought We Got Rid Of Them”

BendFilm Alumni Film Library

In not so shocking news... The Lunch Ladies have pushed themselves on unsuspecting viewers, this time by descending on Bend Film Fest to be part of their online alumni film library, causing confused Oregonians to lament:

“We thought we got rid of them.”

The sad saga started back in 2018, when the Bend Film Fest made a grave error by officially selecting the Lunch Ladies. The programmers attempted to rectify their mistake but decided (after receiving a bloody hand in the mail) that it would be better to let the Lunch Ladies screen since it would be a “one time deal.”

Unfortunately, they were WRONG. Dead WRONG.

Said Seretta, celebrating by opening a warm can of Colt 45, "One-time deal? Ha! The Lunch Ladies are never a one-time deal! Suckers!" LouAnne, celebrating by setting off firecrackers in the oven, yelled: "Damn straight! Nothing can stop us from coming back, especially not some confused Oregonians!"

Both: "Thanks Bend, for "letting us" be part of your alumni film library!"

Check out Lunch Ladies and A Very Important Film* at the BendFilm Alumni Library. Streaming is FREE for Bend Film Members or $2 per short film rental. What a deal!

*A Very Important Film is the incredible and moving story of a woman named Clarissa who made an unimportant film named Lunch Ladies and has now done penance by making something VERY Important.

BendFilm Alumni Film Library

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