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Murder Pays Off! Austin Revolution Film Fest Invites Lunch Ladies for 2018

Austin Revolution Film Festival

The Lunch Ladies were riding high on their Best Horror Comedy wins at South African Horrorfest, Atlanta Horror Fest and Nightmares Fest when things got even BETTER. Turns out Nightmares Film Festival has a reciprocal agreement with Austin Revolution Film Fest to automatically select some of one another's best films to screen in the next year's line up. Looks like Lunch Ladies along with La Sirena and Girl #2 are headed to Texas!!! This can only mean one thing.

Murder pays off!

Said Seretta: "At first we thought that cheerleader... mishap was the worst thing that ever happened to us. Now, we know otherwise. Murder rules! Thanks Nightmares and Austin!"

LouAnne concurred: "Austin would never have noticed us if we hadn't had that awful... mishap with that cheerleader. Murder rocks! God bless Nightmares and Austin!"

The fest runs next year: September 18-22, 2018


Facebook: @austinrevolutionfilmfest

Twitter: @ARevolutionFF

Instagram: @austinrevolution



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