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SOUR GRAPES! Editor Amelia Allwarden Wins Best Editing At Mumbai Fest - Lunch Ladies Furious

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Editor Amelia Allwarden took home the Best Editing Award from the 6th Mumbai Shorts International Fest for her amazing work on the film. This should've been great news to the Lunch Ladies who would've looked like crap without her. However, director, JM Logan has confirmed that they were not pleased, but in fact, have sour grapes.

Caught on tape after he wired the Lunch Ladies Kitchen:

Seretta: "Amelia Shmebelia. Big deal, she did a little editing. Try getting rid of a dead cheerleader. That takes skill. We're the stars not her!"

LouAnne: "It's so selfish of Amelia trying to hijack our spotlight. La ti freakin' da, she got an award, whoop-de-do. We're the stars not her!"

When confronted by Logan, the Lunch Ladies claimed it was a set up and pointed fingers at the two authors from The Night Owl Chronicles who had previously donned hairnets and aprons in an effort to steal Johnny Depp from them.

Whatever Lunch Lady is at fault - suck it up! This week Amelia's the star. Congrats to Amelia for winning BEST EDITING for Lunch Ladies at Mumbai Shorts International Film Fest!

Amelia is currently assistant editor on the show Good Behavior starring Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame and Juan Diego Botto - a super hot dude who can act.

The Lunch Ladies have a point, those Garcia Sisters are highly suspect.

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