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Lunch Ladies Stuff Ballot Box End Up With Five Nominations From Oregon Scream Week

Ballot Box

The dark web is investigating rumors that the Lunch Ladies have participated in election fraud on their quest to become celebrities - this time, according to reports, they've stuffed the ballot boxes of Oregon Scream Week to score five nominations for the film:

Best Dark Comedy

Best Director for JM Logan

Best Actor for Donna Pieroni

Best Ensemble

Best Editor for Amelia Allwarden

Seretta, practicing selfies with the new selfie stick she plans to use at the awards event, ranted: "Frankly, I'm appalled at the accusation. Just because we've committed murder and used unethical means to get ahead, does not mean we would EVER stuff a ballot box. We do have standards."

LouAnne, giving herself a home perm so she looks "hot" at the awards ceremony, agreed: "The same thing happened in high school when we won "Most Likely To Succeed" after being held back two grades. Everyone tried to say we stuffed the ballot box then too. Ridiculous!"

The Lunch Ladies screen at Oregon Scream Week on February 16 at 7PM at the Avalon Theatre in Portland Oregon.

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The awards ceremony is on February 17 at 4:30 pm at the Hobnob Grill - one block from the theatre - and is free to attend.

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Facebook: @OregonScreamWeek



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