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Lunch Ladies Up To Same Old Sh*t - Badger Beleaguered Austin Revolution Film Fest Into Seven Noms

Austin Revolution

It's astounding, but yes, the Lunch Ladies are up to the same old sh*t.

Austin Revolution, in a move they've since regretted, met the Lunch Ladies at Nightmares Film Fest in October and made them an early selection. For months the devious ladies have been lying low, acting like teacher's pets, just waiting for nominations to roll out:

Said Seretta, prepping some "special" meat she plans to use in her chili bake-off with the Sawyers: "We've been sweet as cheer... y pot pie but when we got the first nomination for FX, we ditched our disguise and sprung into action to get six more. Austin never saw it coming!"

LouAnne, sneezing from chili powder she's seasoning the "special" meat with, chortled: "It was classic. We badgered, pestered, annoyed and chanted "More noms, more noms, everything's bigger in Texas, everything's bigger in Texas!" until they couldn't take it anymore - thanks Austin for SEVEN nominations!" The Austin Revolution Film Festival, in its 5th year, captures the indie film vibe of Austin by screening some of the coolest indies from around the world, in some of the coolest venues in town. The Lunch Ladies play on Friday, September 21 in Midnight Madness.

**Matt Falletta, Roger Nall and Brandon Flyte were nominated for the FX Award

Austin Revolution Film Fest

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The Lunch Ladies are excited to trade Chili recipes with the Sawyer Family because they get to kill two birds with one stone - Seven Nominations + Chili Recipe = Hella Awesome



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