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Double Whammy! Lunch Ladies Win Best Short At HorrorHound Fest And Head To Fargo Fantastic Festival

HorrorHound Film Festival

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have had a double whammy this week.

They won best short at HorrorHound Film Festival and are on their way to Fargo Fantastic Fest after promising judges they will not say "You Betcha," "Yah," and other annoying over the top Midwestern speak popularized by the Cohen Brother's movie - Fargo.

Fargo Fantastic Film Festival

Said Seretta, celebrating with a relaxing seaweed foot soak in their eel-infested swamp of a backyard: "First we won at HorrorHound after some nefarious means and that gave us the courage to harass a selection out of Fargo. Tell 'em how we did it Lou."

LouAnne, celebrating by suntanning on a ripped lawn chair she pilfered from the retirement home down the block, nodded: "Fargo had no intention of programming us but conceded after we threatened to say "You Betcha," and "Yah" on a constant loop!"

BOTH: "Thanks Horrorhound for the win and Fargo Fantastic you betcha we mean, we are super excited to screen with ya!"

The 16th Annual Fargo Fantastic Film Festival celebrates film, video and other media in science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure, thrillers and all other fun genres! The Fest runs from September 27-29 in North Dakota at the historic Fargo Theatre. Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen coming soon!

Fargo Fantastic Film Festival


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