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The Oracle Has Spoken! Lunch Ladies At Anatomy Horror, Buried Alive, Vortex, Á Nous De Voir...

Anatomy Crime & Horror Festival


Film Fests: Anatomy Crime & Horror, Freak Show, Buried Alive, Bull City, IKUSKA, Flickers' Vortex, and Festival À Nous De Voir are reeling with the news that there is no escape from the Lunch Ladies.

The Oracle has spoken.

Apparently, the concerned festival programmers - who have successfully avoided the wretched duo for over a year - reached out to the top Oracle in Greece (High Priestess Lovett McTodd) to ask if they would meet the same horrible fate as 90 festivals before them.

For weeks they waited with baited breath for Lovett's prophecy, calling on help from the gods, cursing the Lunch Ladies over seven-way conference calls and suffering from sleepless nights.

Unfortunately, just this week the Priestess confirmed their worst fears:

"Give up. Those b*itches are unstoppable."

In response to this, all seven caved and programmed the Lunch Ladies.

When asked for comment the Lunch Ladies said: "Thanks everyone for the selections - too bad, but you can't beat fate!"

Screening details for these festivals and more can be found HERE!

The 2nd Annual Anatomy Crime & Horror Film Fest was established to promote independent horror film from around the world. The other fests blame Anatomy for The Oracle's prophecy simply because they are Greek.


Facebook: @anatomyfest Twitter: @AnatomyFilmfest

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Facebook: @festivalanousdevoir

The 13th annual Freak Show Horror Film Festival is the largest and longest running horror genre film festival in the state of Florida and even they couldn't avoid the Lunch Ladies.

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Twitter: @freakshowhorror

Instagram: @freakshowfilmfest

Facebook: @freakshowhorrorfest

The 11th Annual Buried Alive Film Festival programs a wide variety of films around the world that fall into the horror genre and screens them at the 7 Stages Theatre. They plan to to tell the Lunch Ladies a different location in hopes they don't show up.


Facebook: @BuriedAliveFilmFest Twitter: @buriedaliveff

Instagram: @buriedalivefilmfest

The 20th Annual IKUSKA Muestra de cortometraje de Pasaia is an int'l short festival with competitive and non-competitive sections. IKUSKA feared that if the Lunch Ladies did not win, revenge would be exacted and therefore put them in the non-competitive section. Smart.

IKUSKA Festival

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Facebook: @FestivalIkuska

The 19th Annual Vortex Festival is the special horror and fantastic sidebar fest of Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Fest. The Ladies already screened there - Amelia Allwarden won for Best Editing. Rhode Island had hoped this would let them off the hook - no dice.

Rhode Island International Film Festival


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Facebook: @RhodeIslandFilmFest

The 2nd Annual Bull City International Film Festival will be screening the Lunch Ladies in their Halloween Spooktacular Shorts Section and are being pretty good sports, all considered.

Bull City International

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