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Shocking Exposé! Canal+ Picks Up Brazen Lunch Ladies After They Flirt With Them At Clermont-Ferrand

Canal+ Top of the Shorts


Shocking Exposé! Canal+, the French Premium Cable Channel, has admittedly picked up the Lunch Ladies for Top Of The Shorts and MyCanal after the brazen women shamelessly flirted with them at Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest back in February.


Apparently being part of the prestigious festival was not enough for the women so they set their sights on Canal+ in hopes they could terrorize even more French people.

Said Seretta, wearing a shiny black mask and lacing up tall black boots: "The French are known for their language of love but they're no match for the Lunch Ladies. When we found out Canal+ was seeking films to license for the channel, we fluttered our eyelashes, licked our lips and introduced them to a dead cheerleader... I mean, delightful cheerleader."

LouAnne, brandishing a whip and wearing a homemade corset made from raccoon fur and red polyester: "Our goal is for every French household to want us. What better way than to pour on our amazing sex appeal? Thanks Clermont for opening doors, thanks to our sales rep Ouat Media for sealing the deal and thanks Canal+ for making our dreams of domination come true!"

The Lunch Ladies premieres on Canal+ Top of The Shorts on Sunday, November 18 for one week. Thereafter it screens on MyCanal 24/7!

Canal+ has more than five million subscribers and is owned by Vivendi SA. Lunch Ladies will be screened by the channel in France, DROM, POM (French Polynesia and New Caledonia, COM), Monaco, Andorra, Mauritius, Switzerland and countries of African continent.

Special thanks to Sophie Hubiche of Canal for her work on promoting us and our opening video!

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