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Lunch Ladies Manifest Great Review From Midnight Horror Show - "This Positive Thinking Crap Works!"

Midnight Horror Show

Reports have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have pulled off an incredible feat of mind power by MANIFESTING an awesome review from Midnight Horror Show:

"The quality of this film is amazing. Everything from the writing and acting, to the set design, sound, and cinematography were perfect. It couldn't have been better. It felt like a big-budget film you would see in the theater.... This would have been really enjoyable as a feature-length film, and we would love to see this happen."

Apparently the ladies discovered Eckhart Tolle, The Secret and The Celestine Prophecy by accident after meeting some hippy filmmakers at that trendy millennial coffee "bar" that serves Intelligenstia.

Seretta, picking sprouts out of her teeth after eating a whole grain power bagel said: "This positive thinking crap is a goldmine. Once we started harnessing the power of our minds, shit started to come true. First that review, next The Depper."

LouAnne, drinking hot green tea, hold the lemon, add agave, agreed: "Positive thinking. Total flipping goldmine. Midnight Horror Show didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of giving us a crappy review once we learned the universe was our oyster. Namaste."

Lunch Ladies plays next at:

Flickerfest: January 20th, at 8PM Get Tickets HERE Mammoth Film Fest: February 9th, 8:45PM Clermont-Ferrand International Fest - February 2 Opening Night and February 3 -10 in the Retrospective - DINNER IS SERVED! Silverscream Famous Monsters, February 16-18 Austin Revolution, September - Details Coming!

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