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Lunch Ladies Demand Salary Raise After Wins At FilmQuest, Dragon Con And Noms From NOLA Horror

Just in! The Lunch Ladies have demanded a $2.50 weekly raise from Melvin High after winning at FilmQuest* and Dragon Con* and scoring four nominations* from NOLA Horror.

Said Seretta, rolling pennies to make ends meet: "Make no mistake, The Depper IS hiring us to be his personal chefs, but until then, we're still in the poorhouse, I mean the public school system. We haven't had a raise in fifteen years but now is our chance."

LouAnne, filthy from collecting aluminum cans all day to supplement their meager salaries, nodded: "Principal Grossfetig is cheap as f*ck but we're hopeful we'll be living large by next year. Thanks FilmQuest, Dragon Con and NOLA Horror for giving us some flipping leverage!"

*FilmQuest awarded the Lunch Ladies their coveted Cthulhu Trophy (pictured above) for Best Comedy Short, Dragon Con gave them an awesome plaque for Best Horror Comedy Short and NOLA Horror nominated them for Best Short Film, Best Make-Up Effects for Matt Falletta and Best Writing and Best Female Filmmaker for Clarissa Jacobson.

The Lunch Ladies screen at New Orleans for the NOLA Horror Fest on Saturday, September 22 at midnight. The awards ceremony is on Sunday, September 23 at 9:45pm.


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