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Lunch Ladies Infiltrate Japan, Korea, and Indonesia – Countries Not Thrilled

In World News Today:

The Lunch Ladies have infiltrated Japan, Korea, and Indonesia to stream on Samansa. All three countries are not thrilled. Afterall, this isn’t the first time the despicable duo has elbowed their way into Asia.

Japan: “We’re perplexed. They were on the Osorezone Channel for a full year, then finally, thanks to pressure from the Sumo Wrestling Foundation, their contract “expired.” Now they’re back. WTF?”

Korea: “We’re stressed. We sucked it up in 2018 when they hustled their way into the Bucheon Fantastic Festival. Having to put up with them again has had us on an emotional rollercoaster. We’ve had to up our production of Kimchi just to keep our cortisol levels in check.”

Indonesia: “We’re depressed. We already hosted them in December 2021 for the Minikino Fest because we couldn’t say no. You know, Christmas spirit, goodwill toward Lunch Ladies yada yada yada … but now we regret being nice. Indonesians are too nice.”

Stiff words from around the world.

Stiff words indeed.

Unfortunately, the Lunch Ladies don’t give two sh*ts about stiff words. When asked “Why are you doing this?!” They simply said:

“Because we can. Enjoy us on Samansa!”

Samansa is a VOD service out of Japan that features short movies collected from all over the world and distributes them in Japan, Korea, and Indonesia.

Follow Samansa at:

Website: Instagram: @samansajpn Twitter: @samanthajpn Facebook: @samansaJPN TikTok: @samansajp YouTube


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